Sponsor a Child’s education

How sponsorship works

New Connections

You are connected with your sponsored child, through financial support enabling them to maintain their education. You can write letters, send photos and learn about their interests and way of life, whilst also offering them an insight into your own. We hope that this connection will bolster their confidence and self-esteem and empower them to have a greater control over their own future.
$77 per year will pay for the school teachers fees for your sponsored child. An additional $15, will pay for your child to receive one nutritious lunch each school day for a year.

Support and Care for Lauren Memorial School

Your donation ensures consistency for students, by contributing to the continued development of a range of highly trained teachers who can begin to develop individual programmes for each child within the curriculum.

It also, reduces stress on allocation of money for the school and ultimately allows you the opportunity to ensure all members of Lauren Memorial School stay healthy and happy.