Last evening, we installed the hand pump to complete the Well for Njalalwe village. On record, this has been our longest well (not the deepest though!). I mean, it has taken us up to 3 months to get this Well completed! (It usually takes us a month to hand dig and complete a well 70ft deep).
On the first 2 attempts, we hit a rock. Through hard work and perseverance, the third attempt was successful, and now the 1800+ villagers of Njalalwe can have access to safe and clean water.

I commend the efforts of our team, and the support and patience of the villagers(they accommodated, fed and encouraged the team for all this long). No wonder, we are assured that they will work to sustainably maintain the Well into the future.

Lastly, we thank BridgIT Water Foundation for supporting this great work. This is our 104th Well in 4 years!

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