Suubi continues to help communities lift themselves out of poverty and in particular, recognizes that Education is key to sustaining this development.

Our History
Lauren Memorial School (previously known as Kabawaala Infant School) was originally set up by parents as the nearest government-funded primary school was a 5-6km walk. The school consisted of two mud buildings with roofs made from polythene and sacks. Whilst, the youngest children were taught under the shade of a tree.

In 2016 Kabawaala Infant School was threatened with closure due to its lack of adequate facilities.
However, Suubi Community Projects Uganda raised funds to employ the recommended number of teachers, a modern pit latrine and school kitchen, a borehole for water, 3 permanent class room blocks, classroom desks, textbooks and other scholastic materials.

The school was then renamed to Lauren Memorial School.
Despite the investment in Lauren Memorial School, many parents still face the persistent challenge of being able to afford to put their children through school.

When ambassadors from St. George’s International School, Luxembourg visited in 2016, they identified;

‘The local community are peasants typically living on less than 40 dollars per month. Women take much of the responsibility for raising children as most men are sadly addicted to drinking a locally-brewed alcohol. An average woman has six children to care for.’

Furthermore, they found that whilst

‘There are 362 children registered at the school… around 30 percent are absent each day due to sickness, hunger or sometimes because the child must help at home. Some are absent as their parents can’t afford to pay school fees or provide school supplies.’

Therefore, it is vital that the necessary funds are raised to keep this school open. Funding children at Lauren Memorial School not only ensures their education is maintained, but also empowers parents not to have to make difficult choices in how to allocate their money. In turn, the