Why should I sponsor a child at Lauren Memorial School?

  • The school is a community aided school not the government, which frees it from political and religious obligations. However, 85% of the parents live far below the poverty line; they can barely provide the needed fees and scholastic materials.
  •  It is your sponsorship that will enable teachers to receive their full salaries and assist with purchasing teaching and learning materials.
    The ongoing failure to meet these obligations handicaps the school’s capacity to meet the teachers welfare requirements which Directly impacts on performance.
  • Due to increasing pressure on parents to pay their fees in the current climate which has seen the cost of basic necessities such as food and soap soar, many parents have had to withdraw their children from school. The school dropout rate has now increased so much that every 2 out of 3 households have children of school age not attending.
  • This scheme has been designed to readmit children who have dropped out of school. Especially during the coronavirus pandemic and capture those on the verge of dropping.
  •  The envisioned impact of these scheme at Lauren Memorial School is when children are in school, they will gain basic knowledge and skills which make them live responsible and productive lives thus breaking the cycle of poverty and unhealthy lifestyles currently prevalent in the community.

Why should I sponsor a child with Suubi Community Projects Uganda?

  • Our close relationship with the school means we are able to consistently monitor funding and ensure that it is being used effectively.
  • Suubi has a good reputation as an NGO for managing funds and works closely with many other local and international NGO’s who can attest to its reliability.

How does sponsorship work on the ground?

  • The child is able to continue to go to school, free from uncertainty or family burden. It gives them an opportunity to grow and better their future without worry.

How are children chosen for sponsorship?

  • Families who are increasingly unable to pay for their child’s education, are identified by the school and will be offered a sponsor. This is ever – changing and will be constantly monitored. If more families begin to struggle to pay for their child’s school fees, they will be added to the program.

What happens once I decide to sponsor a child?

  • Within the following two weeks you will receive a welcome kit which will provide you with an introduction to your sponsored child’s life and advice on how to prepare a letter to send to them.
    We anticipate that the child will reply to your letter, dependant on their age with another letter or drawing. You will be able to keep track of your sponsored child’s progress as we have arranged for their school report to be sent to you each year. The school’s progress will continue to be updated on Suubi’s website.

Can I sponsor more than one child?

  • Absolutely! Once you have witnessed the positive impact of child sponsorship, if you would like to sponsor another child, Lauren Memorial School would be extremely grateful. Just click here become a sponsor to begin the process again. We look forward to hearing from you.

Is child sponsorship effective?

  • After incessant research and looking at other child sponsorship programmes this really does seem like an important approach. The bottom line is that if you did not sponsor this child they would eventually have to drop out of school. Therefore we believe it to be effective.

Can I write to my sponsored child?

  • Yes! We encourage all sponsors to write to their sponsored child to greater impact their lives and enhance the already life-changing relationship. Many of the children have never received any form of post before, so, this can be very exciting for them. To maintain privacy and mitigate problems with the Ugandan post, letters should be emailed to These can either be typed and sent or written and scanned. These will all be printed and taken to the child. Their response will then be scanned and emailed back to you. If you need any further advice with what to write in your letters, do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I send a gift?

  • Yes, however, in the importance of fairness, we ask that you follow our guidelines on what can be sent as a gift. We encourage shareable items including crayons or sports equipment such as skipping ropes or footballs. The post here can be unreliable so please anticipate that parcels can take a long time to arrive. Please contact for address details.

How long will my sponsorship last?

  • Sponsorship will last as long as you want it to. For your current sponsored child, unless interrupted, it will end when your child leaves Lauren Memorial School. However, this does not need to mean your role as a sponsor ends, there are still many children at the school who need to be sponsored.

What happens when my child grows up?

  • When your child ‘graduates’ from the Suubi Sponsor a Child project, your sponsorship will be passed onto a new child so your generosity can continue to have a positive effect within the community. We will remind you before your child finishes their final year at Lauren Memorial School.

Can I cancel my sponsorship?

  • Of course you can. Sponsorship can be ended at any time should your circumstances change.
  • If you do decide to cancel your sponsorship, a great way to stay involved with the project is to act as a pen pal for the children who are not receiving sponsorship. Not only does this provide them with an international friend but equips them with important skills, such as letter writing and practicing their English.

Can I visit my sponsored child?

  • Suubi encourages visits to help with the project work they are currently undertaking and allow you the flexibility be involved in any way that you want to. This can include visits to the school where you will get to meet your sponsored child.
  • Should you ever find yourself in Uganda, we would be happy to take you, fully-supervised, to meet the child you have sponsored, create memories you both can cherish and leave you with an insight into the child sponsorship programme and the importance of its work.

If you cannot afford to support this project or would like the children who do not receive sponsorship to also have a pen-pal then this can be set up. Another great way of being involved.