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Providing safe water wells to the Community

Access to safe water is an essential foundation for good health, but beyond this, it also closes inequality gaps and drives economic and social inclusion, with far-reaching and long-term benefits. For example women’s safety and security increases as a direct result of access to safe, drinkable water in their homes. This is because, 90% (in […]

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Constructing Boreholes for Health Facilities

Healthcare facilities (HCFs) require adequate quantity and quality of water in order to maintain a hygienic environment. These facilities are recognized as ‘environments with a high prevalence of infectious disease agents where patients, staff, carers and neighbors of the health-care setting face unacceptable risks of infection if environmental health is inadequate’. WHO guidelines recommend that […]

Our new classroom block completed

  School has opened for the 2nd term of the year at the same time we unveil our brand new 5 classroom block. At long last, all our children can have their lessons in a spacious classroom, with a near floor and permanent roof. We are very sure that this infrastructure development provides a conducive […]