• Clean & Safe Water

    We are addressing water challenges in Uganda

  • Suubi
    Community Projects Uganda

    Helping Communities to help themselves

  • Improving Heath Care

    Suubi is improving Health care services in uganda


    Supporting needy children with good education


Clean Water

Suubi Community Projects Uganda works to address the water challenges in poor, rural communities of Ugandaby providing safe and clean water sources.

# Improving Quality of Health Care Services

By providing safe water access, solar lighting, laboratory equipment and other needed supplies to rural health facilities.

Improving the learning environment for rural poor schools

By providing safe water sources, improved sanitation facilities, classrooms and other needed supplies, the environment in rural poor schools is made better. This in turn improves the quality of education for the poor and less privileged children who attend these schools.

Welcome to Suubi Community Projects Uganda

Suubi Community Projects Uganda (Suubi) is a non -governmental organization founded in 2013 and incorporated on the 16th of June 2015


Suubi means Hope. Our main goal is restore Hope where it has been lost, by helping communities to help themselves. This is to be achieved by facilitating improvement in 3 basic needs; access to safe water, better health care, and better education.

Clean Water
Better Education Services
Improved Household Incomes
Better Health Care Services

Latest News And Events


Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the education sector

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the education sector in Uganda has been severe. Schools remain closed to date. And while some children in urban areas are involved in online classes, the majority of children in rural areas have not had a…
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Suubi makes a borehole for the people

“No matter where you look, access to clean drinking water makes a difference in the lives of people,” said Wijesekera. “The needs are clear; the goals are clear. Women and children should not have to spend so much of their time for this…

Suubi makes the process of collecting water more time-efficient

School children in poor, rural schools, often miss class to go fetch water, or to care for sick parents or siblings. If teachers are sick, classes get cancelled for all students! That's how lack of clean water can seriously effect a student's…

Providing safe water wells to the Community

Access to safe water is an essential foundation for good health, but beyond this, it also closes inequality gaps and drives economic and social inclusion, with far-reaching and long-term benefits. For example women's safety and security increases…
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Constructing Boreholes for Health Facilities

Healthcare facilities (HCFs) require adequate quantity and quality of water in order to maintain a hygienic environment. These facilities are recognized as ‘environments with a high prevalence of infectious disease agents where patients,…
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A small investment to refurbish a broken down borehole

For the past 5 years, children and women in this village have endured the burden of walking 2km to collect water. Unfortunately this water isn't even clean and safe for consumption! Up hill close to their homes, a borehole only needed an…

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